Photo: Esben Haakenstad/Norges Postmuseum
Norges Postmuseum / Welcome to The Norwegian Postal Museum

Welcome to The Norwegian Postal Museum

Until 16 October, the Norwegian Post Museum at Maihaugen offers exhibitions and experiences for the visitors. The museum takes care of a national responsibility for postal history.

At the Norwegian Post Museum, you can see our beautiful exhibitions and the Post Office's historical films. In the main season,  the museum n is staffed by a postmaster. Post-pensioners share this job. Together, they represent as long a poster experience as Norway Post is old.


Treasures on wheels

The new vehicle exhibition opened on 23 June. At the Norwegian Post Museum, you will find Norway Post's collection of historic vehicles. In 2022, a new postal garage was completed in the city department at Maihaugen. Here the public can see several of the museum's beautiful vehicles. Norway Post has always been concerned that the shipments arrive quickly and safely. The pursuit of saving time has led to the company being quick to adopt new means of communication. In the exhibition, visitors can see Norway's oldest drivable truck, a Fiat Ter Lorry 1914 model. There is also a Harley Davidson 1200 cc. from 1932 and a great Volvo duet from 1955. Also a small selection of electric vehicles, which represent recent investments in emission-free aids in mail delivery.


The Post offices' uniforms (1899-2017)

A new exhibition showing the development of uniforms from various job areas in Norway Post. Post uniforms have evolved from having a tight suit with shiny buttons and distinctions, to becoming practical and functional profile clothing. Uniforms are and have been, an important symbol for Norway Post. Read more about the exhibition which can be seen on the second floor in Postgården. 

Foto: Norges Postmuseum


The history of the mailbox, from 1855

In Postgården you can see a selection of mailboxes and mail inlets from the Norwegian Post Museum's collection, and see how they have changed over time. The public mailbox is central to Norway Post's operations. We all know the red mailbox with the hatch that must be opened to put in a letter we want to send. Read more about the exhibition which can be seen on the second floor in Postgården.

The experiences at the Norwegian Post Museum are included in Maihaugen's entrance ticket. The Norwegian Post Museum is open until 16 October. In the main season, the museum is open every day from 10.00 to 17.00. Information about tickets and opening hours


Welcome to The Norwegian Postal Museum this summer!!