Information for disabled persons or persons with special needs.

The Norwegian Postal Museum presents exhibitions in the postal building and the special mail carriage which is located in the Town area of Maihaugen. There are no signs for the museum, but the location is shown in an area map available at the information centre by the main entrance.

The post building

The post building in the Town is designed with disabled persons in mind, and the building has two entrances to enable wheelchair access. Wheelchairs and prams use the entrance in the back yard. The exhibition “Mail en route” covers 2 floors. There is a chair lift available for the exhibition on the 1st floor. Postal history is presented using tableaux and computer screens; the exhibition has not been adapted for persons suffering from impaired hearing or sight. In addition there are drawing activities for children in the attic; you need to use the stairs to get to the attic.


You will find toilets in the basement of the postal building. The toilets are not designed with wheelchairs in mind, but there are toilets for wheelchair users at Maihaugen’s visitor centre.

The special mail carriage

The exhibition “Post by rail” is presented in the special mail carriage. Entry to the train is by steep steps; there are handrails at the sides. We therefore make visitors aware that the exhibition is not adapted for wheelchair users or persons with reduced mobility.