Post by Rail
Photo: The Norwegian Postal Museum
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Post by Rail

"Post by Rail" can be experienced in the newly restored post carriage at Maihaugen. The exhibition provides a glimpse into the postal travel service by train.

The post was sorted and forwarded in the railway post general office. This arrangement was Norway Post's cutting edge in the modernisation of Norway that happened during the second part of the 18th century.

"I had seen very little of this country before this time. It was therefore a bit of excitement and an adventure to be part of the travelling postal service. The first trip down the wild Romsdalen from Bjorli down to Verma and further, was therefore an experience I still recall."

Former employee of the travelling postal service.

Norway's first railway from Christiania to Eidsvold was opened in 1854. Right from the beginning it was decided that the trains should carry mail. Eventually separate post carriages were furnished.

For very many years the Post and the railway were closely linked. A postal connection was established with each new piece of railway.

The railway post general office became a popular place of work for the post office employees because of the pay and the working environment. The railway post general office was outstripped by faster and more flexible transport methods, the aircraft and the car.

Postens reisetjeneste ombord på tog. Foto: Norges Postmuseum

The exhibition is open during the period 1st June to 31st August.