Daily programme


Take part in a treasure hunt for the family and win a prize. Find the message batons that are placed in the Open Air Museum at Maihaugen.

Mail en route

"Mail en route" is situated in the post building in the Town at Maihaugen. The exhibition is open during the period 1st June to 31st August. In the remaining part of the...

Skatter på hjul – demonstrasjon av Postens kjøretøy

Å se sjåføren starte Postens kjøretøy er en opplevelse for både store og små kjøretøysinteresserte.

Masterpieces in miniature

Be impressed by the details on the engraved stamps.

Letters from the front – Dear Mother

New strong exhibition with letters written in war or captivity.

Treasures on wheels – demonstration of postal vehicles

Watching the driver start the vehicles is fun for both young and old.